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Car Chase - High-Speed Police Escape

4.6 ( 2576 ratings )
Giochi Corse Intrattenimento Simulazione
Sviluppatore Teen Games, LLC

Fasten your seatbelt and push the gas pedal!
Do you here the sirens wailing? It looks like you are in real trouble! The whole Police Department is after you and they aren’t going to stop chasing you! Drive through the city’s streets and parking lots and try to get as far away from them as you can! Push accelerator button for ultimate speed rush but it requires real driver skills as there are a lot of obstacles on the way – street lamps, fences and other cars! If you bump into them too many times your car will break and vigilant policemen will capture you! Watch the road for there are a lot useful bonuses on the way – workshop keys to repair your car, invisibility which will prevent you from being chased for a short duration and gasoline! Keep track of your car’s gasoline level – if you will run out of it you will stop! Survive the police car chase as long as you can and earn the highest score!

Use the arrow keys to drive your car in desired direction. Control your speed by pressing gas and breaks pedals and use acceleration button when things get really hot! Avoid crashing into different obstacles and cars or your car will break and look after the gasoline level. Don’t forget to collect helpful bonuses along the way, such as repair keys, invisibility cloaks and more gasoline! City’s finest policemen are after you – drive through highways, parking lots of cafes and houses and do your best to stay away from them as long as you can! The longer you drive the better score you get! So full speed ahead!

Car Chase – High-Speed Police Escape features:
- extreme police runaway in big megalopolis
- a lot of obstacles to slow you down – lanterns, fences and moving cars
- useful bonuses to help you: gasoline, invisibility and repair keys
- no time limits – keep away from police as long you can

Download Car Chase – High-Speed Police Escape and start the engine and begin an epic car chase adventure!